good eats

I love food. Period! This is partly how I got myself into a bit of a mess with weight and diabetes management. Here are some fantastic recipes, both my own and those I’ve found here and there, that will help you achieve ketosis and not feel like you’re giving up on your “favourites”!

good practices

In general, there are certain practices we can add to our daily routines to better our lives. If you’re a diabetic, this is even more the case! Here is a list of my favourite practices to achieve better heath and well being.

– I always check my CGM reading with my glucometer – it’s always good to know of any disparities between the two before making treatment decisions.
– Move! I exercise every day. This could be resistance training, or walking the dog. It’s important to keep insulin sensitivity high to keep insulin need lower.
– Mindfulness/mediation – keeping stress lower helps reduce the risk or high blood sugar response to stress!
– Yoga – Great for the body, spirit and mind!
– Practice mindful eating.

good tech

Aren’t we lucky to be diabetics in the 21st century! There are so many gadgets and gizmos that help us keep tight control. Here is list of what I use:

Freestyle Libre  – Continuous (flash) Glucose Monitor

My Fitness Pal – Great food tracking app for keeping track of macro nutrients and calories.