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Podcast appearances

Podcasts are such an important part of my life. So I’m so thrilled to have been asked to be featured on some amazing podcasts coming up! Please click below for more information and to learn more about each one. Be sure to subscribe as well!

podcasts appearances

The Happy Type One is run by, and really is, Julia Joseph. She is a nutritionist and scientist who specializes in the ketogenic diet and holistic practices to enhance the lives of people living with type 1 diabetes, and non-diabetics alike!

In this episode Julia and I get into the nitty-gritty of my 72-hour fast experiment. We talk ups and downs, prep and considerations.

Episode is LIVE NOW!

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I was so honoured to be asked to be featured on the Getting Jewcy with Rachel and Hiiro podcast. They are best friends who focus on candid, sincere and vulnerable conversations that put a spotlight on mental health, sexuality and gender, lifestyle and everything in between. They’re raw and completely unscripted. With their guests, they dive deep into the person behind their public image and discuss topics they may not normally have a chance to talk about with their established demographics. They pull the mask off “celebrity” one human at a time. Follow them on Instagram @getting_Jewcy, Facebook @gettingjewcy and WATCH their podcast episodes on YouTube @ Getting Jewcy with Rachel & Hiiro.

Episode is LIVE NOW!


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2021 Races

trail races and half marathons

I’m registered for 3 or the 5-Peak trail races this upcoming season in British Columbia Coastal. Click on the images if you’d be interested in registering and joining the race!

I’m also working towards running a full marathon in the near to medium future. Due to COVID-19 in-person racing has been postponed, but click on the images to get more information about virtual races in the Vancouver area.



Community outreach

In-person meet ups and community support has been paused for obvious reasons, but once we are in a manageable case-count and vaccines have done their part, activities and in-person meet ups can start again!